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Capital City Brewing Co

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Mark Hatherly


The company's first commercial release was Red Bridge Amber Ale


Smooth sesssion
amber ale

5,3 % ABV - 33 cl
Capital City, Brewing Co, Luxembourg

  The first batch of 2,000 litres sold out in 8 weeks
7.2015 Bronze medal at the London International Beer Challenge

The first batch of Satellite I.P.A., the first India Pale Ale ever to be commercially brewed in Luxembourg, was released in December 2015. It's named in honour of Luxembourg's world-leading satellite industry; hundreds of real satellites are controlled from ground stations right here in Luxembourg, from launch all the way through to final positioning.

  Satellite is a balanced 60 IBU beer with a 4.9% payload and a finish as clean & dry as outer space. I brew a fresh batch of Satellite every month. Since CCBC is so small, it's hard to get the same hops varieties every time. That's why each fresh batch of Satellite might be slightly different from the last one.The current batch of Satellite is code-named "Superbird" which is a communications satellite. You might have used Superbird to make a phone call or download stuff. But now it's even more useful, because it's a beer.

I'm looking forward to releasing Black Jack commercially before long, and hopefully the Golden Lady will soon grace us with her presence too.


Grand Brewing Luxembourg

Why the Name Change?

Well, mostly because there's already a Capitol City Brewing in the United States.

And although there is a slight difference between their name and our old name, it was similar enough to cause a bit of confusion on social media and various beer rating web-sites: our beers were getting mixed up with their beers, and vice versa, so we decided to change to Grand Brewing Luxembourg.




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