Jack Mueller
Aeronautical Enterprises
Salina / Kansas (USA)

J. Mueller - Aeronautical Enterprises, Salina, Kansas - 1910

Historique - Geschichtlicher Überblick

Jack Muller - Aeronautical Enterprises, Salina / Kansas


Construction of the first plane in Salina by Jack Muller - Deger

Bau des ersten Monoplane (Flugzeug - Airplane) in Salina, Kansas (USA) durch Jack Muller - Deger

(P. 501)


Jacques V. Muller, a Kansan, is building a monoplane


The first Sunflower State monoplane is under construction

Jacques V. Muller, of Dorrance, Russell County, is positive that the "Prairie Eagle" will solve the problem of aerial navigation.

Salina, Kas., Feb. 19. 1910 - The first monoplane to be manufactured in Kansas, and perhaps in the USA, is now being put in readiness for a flight at Dorrance, Russell County, Kansas, 60 miles west of Salina. The various pieces of the monoplane have been assembled, and it has been christened Prairie Eagle.

It will, according to the plans of the manufacturer, Jacques V. Mueller, make its first flight in about 2 weeks, the exact date not having been set.

The material of the wings

The wings of the Prairie Eagle are constructed of poplar, soft pine, Oregon Sprice and bamboo and covered with silk (soisette) on both sides. The dimensions of the machine are 27 feet across the wings and 25 feet front and aft. The total area of the wings is 160 square feet. At the rear edge on the outer ends of the wings are attached 2 extension wings, which can be used to alight, to brake, to steer, to balance, to descend and to imitate the soaring of a bird. The control of the machine rests with the steering of the horizontal an vertical rudder. The rudder are intercrossed and have a great stabilizing qualities. They are fastened to a universal joint at the end of the machine.

The main body of the machine is built of hickory, bruce and walnut. The entire frame work has been painted with sheilae and aluminium. The front part of the frame is built with 4 corners, the rear part having only 3 poles, and the bracing is assisted by Damascus steel wires. The entire flying machine rest on 3 bicycle wheels.

Propeller blades of Walnut

The propeller is 6.5 feet long, weighs 12 pounds and is built very strongly. The blades are made of walnut, the shaft of maple, strengthened by sheetiron. The propeller will make 3,200 revolutions / minute, driven by a 35 hp engine.

The engine, which is coming from Denver, weighs 96 pounds. It has 7 cylinders and its motion is rotary. It runs, according to Mr. Mueller, without water, without fans an without flyweel, and he declares there will be no hot running, no vibrations, no noise. The entire monoplane, ready to fly, containing fuel and pilot, will not weigh more than 500 pounds and it will rise from the ground at a speed of 30 miles / hour. It will have a carring capacity of about 5 pounds a square foot, and it will carry 300 pounds extra passenger weight besides the pilote. ...

(Kansas City Star: Feb.19.1910)


US - Patent No 2048 for Propeller by Jack Muller

Exposed in Washington D.C.


J. Muller - Aeronautical Enterprises, Salina / Kansas

4th plane

Monoplane (Flugzeug - Airplane) "Prairie Eagle" in Salina, Kansas (USA) durch Jack Muller

(P. 501)

1914 During a stay with his family in Luxembourg, Jack Muller surprised by the beginning of WWI, couldn't return to the USA and had to stay in Luxembourg

21.9.1910: J. Muller - Aeronautical Enterprises, Salina / Kansas (P. 501)
4th plane - Monoplane (Flugzeug - Airplane) "Prairie Eagle" in Salina, Kansas (USA) constructed by Jack Muller

The Prairie Eagle, the monoplane with which Jacques Mueller will mount the Kansas breezes (Kansas City Star: Feb.19.1910)

Biplane constructed by Jacques Mueller (?)

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